Our People

ECE Capital's permanent team members are specialized in their respective fields and have extensive experience in various areas related to their interventions. Our team's professionalism is further enhanced by constant contacts with company managers and public officials. The ECE Capital team is familiar with decision-making processes and evolutions of the business environment on a micro as well as macro level.
Our team is composed of senior and junior consultants, which are well trained, and have expertise to provide valuable solutions in different areas. The team has international experience having worked in projects in a number of countries.
In carefully selecting our project teams to include the right expertise, we ensure that the best people are available to meet our client’s specific needs. We are also able to draw upon an extensive network of associates with proven track-records, enabling us to offer a mixture of highly specialized skills and to provide efficient and effective services.
Around 50 experts in various fields can be rapidly mobilized under ECE Capital’s management, for the purpose of studies requiring specific areas of expertise. Experts regularly attend conferences and forums pertaining to their fields of specialization, in the region and have an in-depth knowledge of modern techniques and valuation criteria.


Executive Profiles


Dr. Samir Nasr
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer


Dr. Samir Nasr is the founder and chairman of ECE Group, created in 1982.

 Samir previously held a number of positions including Consultant at the OECD in Paris, Chairman of the economics department at the Lebanese University.  He was also the financial advisor of the Qatari government.  Samir was appointed chairman of the National Investment Guarantee Corporation in Lebanon since 1993 for 5 consecutive mandates.
Samir is an expert in strategic advisory, business development, corporate finance, investment assessment, deal structuring and negotiation.



Nada Yared 
Chief Operating Officer


Nada Yared joined ECE Group in 1998 and was appointed Managing Director in 2001.

Nada has over 15 years of consulting experience. She is an expert in the fields of Financial Advisory, Deal Structuring and Development Strategy. Nada has extensive experience in various industries in the region including real estate, banking and financial services, and hospitality. She was team leader of numerous development projects in cooperation with the European Union, World Bank and USAID, in the GCC & MENA region, Europe, and USA.




Hady Farah

Partner & Board Member


Hady Farah is the founder and board director of the financial market consulting firm Hiram Finance. The company specializes in supporting market activities where services are offered in business and performance analysis at the trading scene, risk monitoring and implementation of VaR and trainings for multiple banks on the European scene.
Throughout his 20 years of experience, he worked with most prestigious international banks. He was the Head of Primary and secondary Non-Government Bond Trading at BNP Parisbas and was in charge of the London Bond Trading at Credit Lyonnais. He also worked with Citibank Paris on futures and options Proprietary trading to name a few areas.


Fadi Farah
Partner & Board Member


Fadi Farah is the Chairman of Hiram Holding. Following his engineering studies at the Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, he pursued an applied 12-years technical career in contracting as he headed and managed the execution of projects in the Republic of Congo - Brazzaville.
Since 1996, he presides Hiram Holding alongside his sibling Hady as they both successfully manage multi-million dollars portfolio supporting the various market activities.